Readers Thoughts…Feedback from the Wishing Shelf Awards


How pleasing to have such wonderful feedback from the readers and reviewers of ‘Almost Invincible!’

Courtesy of ‘The Wishing Shelf Awards‘ where ‘Almost Invincible’ was awarded GOLD in Adult Non-Fiction 2014.

Title: Almost Invincible
Author: Suzanne Burdon
Star Rating: 5 stars

Readers’ Comments

‘I personally thought this was the best book in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Lovely style of writing, strong cover and a sizzling look at the life of Mary Shelley. It is always so satisfying to understand the mind of an artist and this book helped me to do that. Being a big fan of Frankenstein I particularly enjoyed it.’

– Female reader, aged 62

‘I did not even know Percy Bysshe Shelley was her husband. But
I do now. Interesting and well-researched look at her life. I
particularly enjoyed the complex relationship between her and
her step-sister.’

– Female reader, aged 23

‘A bit slow to get going but, apart from that, a thoroughly absorbing read. It depicts life in the 1800s with clarity and the characters simply jump off the page.’

– Male reader, aged 54

‘I had no idea Shelley was so poor and spent much of her liferunning from debt. Fascinating.’

– Male reader, aged 56


Cover 8/10
Writing Style 9/10
Editing 9/10
Contents 10/10

Catchy Quote

‘A fascinating, often shocking look at the life of
Mary Shelley.’

– The Wishing Shelf Awards

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